Why to Join ElcoSoft ?

Life at Elcosoft is challenging and intellectually stimulating—with a work          environment shaped by people who take pride in building great products for    clients and enjoy being global citizens. ElcoSoft is a place where work is        challenging, where innovation and initiatives are rewarded and where employees are encouraged to leverage their strengths. Working with us means that you will    have ample opportunities to get recognized and be visible, Improving skills, progressive recruitment and the creation of a productive and friendly working environment are the top priorities in Elcosoft’s personnel policy.  

Developing professional skills and maintaining good employee motivation are     central to the policy. At a junior level, we look for technical capabilities, analytical skills and       qualifications as well as consistently good academic record. Energy and drive to deliver results, initiative, resourcefulness and high degree of adaptability and the drive to learn quickly, mental agility are all very important.

At a senior level, we look for a close match with the company values and technical and role specific capabilities.

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