Elcosoft Standard Process

Elcosoft’s process is based on the CMM Maturity Level 3 (CMM ML3) & as per ISO 9001:2000 standards. We have a set of well-defined software engineering processes for software development life cycle. Our processes have evolved over a period of time, to incorporate best practices in requirements management, project management and oversight, design methods and testing methodologies and tools.Elcosoft's customer base includes both, early stage and small to medium sized businesses (SMB) to well established companies. We typically adopt and follow software processes already defined and laid down by our customers. However, in the absence of such processes, we have created an internal process framework called Elcosoft Standard Process (ESP). ESP helps you get started in a very systematic manner and once the engagement or project has reached a steady state, the process can be tailored according to the specific needs of the project. We have also captured process best practices and standard templates for the following types of projects in our Corporate Quality Management Portal (CQM):

  • Developing a new application or incrementally enhancing an existing application
  • Test planning and testing an application, which may or may not be developed by Elcosoft
  • Providing production support to client applications
  • Supporting projects that may not have clear distinction of work as for the above mentioned project types.

  • These are leveraged by our customers and also help us in maintaining uniformity in processes and practices across customers.

    Project Management , Oversight And Control

    Project Planning, Scheduling, Scope/Time/Cost Management, Project Tracking, Project Status Reporting

    Software Requirements Software Design Software Construction Software Testing Software Maintenance
    Requements Fundamental Design Criteria Organisational Coding Guidlines Test Planning Maintenence Planning
    Software Structure & Architecture Coding Test Process Change Maintenence & Imapact Analysis
    Requiements Analysis & Documentation Implementation
    Code Reviews Conducting Tests Maintenence & Change Management Process
    Requiements  Validation &  Reviews Design Reviews Unit Testing Test  Results &   Analysis  

    Software Quality Assurance

    Quality Planning, Work Product Reviews, Process Tailoring, Metrics, Improvement Actions

    Configuration & Change Management Configuration Planning,
    Request Change Management, Impact Analysis

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