Usability Engineering

Usability engineering is a systematic approach to making software easier to use for the individuals who actually use it to get their work done. Usability is not simply a matter of making users like your product, even though subjective satisfaction is important and usually increases substantially when you design a system to better match users' needs. Mainly, usability is a matter of how easy a system is to learn and how efficient it is to use after you have learned it. Great usability does not come simply from wishing for it or from promising to be good to your customers. Usability follows from integrating usability methods into the development process and from running user tests as soon as you have a prototype design.

When many people hear the term "usability," they immediately think of labs where software is tested, where developers quietly gnash their teeth behind one-way mirrors as they watch users fumble over simple functions that they thought were well-designed. Usability labs, in fact, are just one small part of usability engineering. There's an entire "usability engineering cycle" that parallels the software development cycle.
Elcosoft Our mission is to extend our vision to developing products that are practical, useful, usable and satisfying to product end users, as well as our customers.Increase productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase sales and revenues
  • Reduce development time and costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Decrease training and support costs
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