Porting & Migration

Migration and porting are important parts of Product development to enhance compatibility of products across different platforms, thus broadening their marketing reach. Elcosoft helps it's customers to migrate and re-platform their existing softwares. We can re design the complex applications by taking advantage of the latest technologies and specifications. Our model is to study the existing application and come up with a design and a proof of concept to prove the benefits of new design, technologies and the approach we are taking.

When Elcosoft do porting and migration, we try to provide some value addition to make sure that we provide some good value addition to the existing software with the help of the latest and emerging technologies. We try to maintain all the features of the existing software to reduce the training requirements after the porting and migration is performed.

Elcosoft also make sure that the transformation from the existing software to the newly modified one is smooth and we provide the support for the new system till the users are adapted to it.
Service Offerings include:


  • Porting and migration services to new processor platforms
  • Migration to Open Source Technologies
  • Appserver & Database Migrations
  • Tools Migrations
  • J2EE to .NET migrations and vice versa
  • Legacy transformation to .NET.

Business Benefits

  • Increase customer acquisition by offering product in their platform of choice
  • Reduce high costs of maintaining in-house staff to perform redundant functions.
  • Re-allocate your resources and still provide the company's customers with variety of software solutions that suit their individual needs.

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